Dear friends,

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time in writing your opinions about MetalDays 2015.
Your opinions are crucial for us in making this festival more friendly from year to year.
Also, thank you for all the kind words you have sent to us.
As promised, I have read all your comments that you posted on the MetalDays forum and/or have sent to
As you will see, I did not answer on each and every post since many of you complained about the same things… but I answered on each and every issue that was pointed out.
I have to add, that for every and each complaint we’ve had at least few persons giving us kudos for the very same thing and telling us how well those very same things were done. But anyway, I still consider complaints relevant and here are my answers.
I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.
Stay healthy and happy and count the days until MetalDays 2016.

Boban Milunovic



1. Mell Cross via complained about our official shuttle service:
We had more people complain about the shuttle service than last year. We will definitely sit down with the guys from and have a serious debate about our future collaboration, and will make a decision whether to continue with them, or otherwise look for new partner.

2. Matej Krizisnik via complained about the variety of food and the food prices:
While we strive to offer you the best possible service, we constantly fight the same problems with food providers. There are not so many in Slovenia that are mobile, reliable and can offer good quality through the whole festival week. This year the kebab point was really disastrous and will certainly not return to MetalDays in future years. We will definitely improve our festival food, you can be sure. I also agree that food prices were somewhat too high, and will make sure that food offered at the festival will be cheaper next year.

3. Ales via complained about not being allowed to take water from the campsite to the venue:
This was already explained last year. Please guys, take it as it is; we do not allow it. It is as simple as that.
We made it possible for you to have free drinking water all over the festival, so there is no need to take water from the campsite to the venue.

4. Vlajko Kisdobranski via complained about lack of toilets:
We had more toilets than last year and we cleaned them more frequently than in previous years. I must say that we had nothing but good comments about toilets this year. Beside yours, there were just a few other complaints about toilets.
We will, of course, try to improve, and will look for a way to have even more toilets which are not chemical ones in future.

Lifeguard at the beach: It was not specified, so I don't know if it was a complaint or prais. Yes, we provide 24/7 lifeguard coverage at the beach. Our guys are trained professionals with licenses for open water.

Wooded campsite areas don't have any lighting at night: Yes, we know that. This is something that is a big issue for us, but it is not possible to change it at the moment. We hope that this will be resolved between ourselves and the local authorities in the future.

But the thing that actually made me sit and write this mail is one of your coordinators. He didn't get us diploma, T-shirt and not even a thank you for effort as volunteer: Let me know his name and I will take care of it.

5. Christian Pikart via complained abut wristbands:
A lot of you guys are mad ‘cos the wristbands were not nice this year. I agree with you and promise that we will not have any logos except MetalDays on wristbands in the future.
As for the quality, they are good quality. Keep wearing them and you will see.

6. Kevin Zawinul via complained about beer prices, and said; “those prices are for wacken, not for such small festival”:
Well, there is a paradox in what you write. A big festival should have more financial power to offer cheaper drinks.
Also this year prices varied. We offered 0,5L for 1,5€ at the Hell's Kitchen canteen and you could get beer for under 1€ at the official shop, Hofer.
Since we offer beer at such a low price elsewhere, we need to balance it out with the prices at the venue.

You should promote festival also outside german-spoken arias. It would be good if other nations would come like 2010/2011 and not only german-spoken visitors: We do promote MetalDays worldwide, and we had over 60 different nations visiting metaldays again this year. In 2010/2011 we had about 50% visitors from german-speaking regions. This year we had about 35%.
France has become a very big market for us. We sold 100% more tickets in France this year than in 2014.

7. Emma Masschelein via complained about the lack and the price of ice:
As you said Emma, it was very very hot. We needed ice to cool beerpipes, and since it was so hot in the whole area, we could not get enough ice. Our beerpipes could not cool beer fast enough so we needed to improvise. This is the reason the supply at the Hell's Kitchen canteen was not enough for all of you.
We bought the last available ice we could find… in croatia… 8000kg… so the beer was safe. :)
Transportation of the ice cost a lot of money, so there you have your answer on price.

It was sad to see so many pets on the campsite:
As stated in our terms and conditions, we do not allow pets on the campsite or at the festival, but visitors keep smuggling them in cars. We do not check cars. We try to solve this by warning visitors to leave pets at home, but some people just do not understand.

Lack of camping area with loudness restrictions:
Our campsite is too small for that. But we working on a family camp for 2016 which will be at a separate location.

Children without ear protection: We did not let them in. We were strict on that. And i have to be honest, I did not see any child in front of the stage without ear protection.
Anyway, if some parents think that losing hearing is good for their child, we cannot do much about it. We already did a lot. The same goes for the kids in the front rows during crowd surfing.

Maybe you guys can make a market stand right in front of the entrance where parents can hire ear protection for the kids before they go on the mainstage if they don’t have anything. Then the parents don’t especially have to buy anything, they can get their money back when they return the protection: Not a bad idea. We'll think about it.

Me and my friends were able to go in without showing our wristbands. This did change after a few days, that they really grabbed your hand to check if the wristband was on good. Last year this was more strict. also at the entrance were you got the wristband they didn’t check anymore: We are satisfied with our security team. Slovenia is small country and finding 200 security guys is a really big task, believe me. Some of them have been with us for 10 years. We learn together, and from year to year we provide a smoother service.
The box office entrance is not controlled any more. It was planned that way. There is no need to check wristbands there.

Not enough warm water at the warm showers, not clean enough: Honestly, this is only complaint about warm showers. I think we did a good job on this compared to previous years, and we have otherwise only received good comments on this.
I think the showers, toilets and bathrooms at festivals can never be like they are at home. We do the best we can and will try to make it better next year.

The garbage deposit is my next point. It’s good that you want to take care of the environment and all, but even we if we do the effort the sort everything per bag (plastic vs rest), they told us to throw all the bags at the garbage deposit into the same container. I don’t think that after the festival you do the effort to sort all the bags at the right deposit… that would give you a lot of extra work: Yes, we do it because most visitors do not sort garbage, so we have to do it anyway.

Butts and boobs photos: I already commented on this on FB. Our webmaster got a little over-excited, and i do understand why :) But… if you look at our gallery you will find 1000 other photos. However, we shall not forget that MetalDays is a metal holiday with beautiful beaches where people are running around half naked…Why should we not show that?

8. Natasha Sinnett via complained about stages overlapping and lack of information about unknown bands:
I do not think we had a lot of situations this year where bands that play the same metal genre were playing at the same time on both stages.
And to host 100 bands on two stages is not possible without overlapping.
We do put care into what band plays on what stage, but we do not have total freedom in choosing dates and times. Bands are on tour and travel between shows, so most of the time we have to respect their tour schedules. As for the lack of information on smaller bands… we do post every band biography on All you have to do is run through this before you pack your bags :)

9. Juan Sjeljeger via complained about Hell's Kitchen not being as good as 2013:
The problem with Hell's Kitchen 2013 was that we lost a lot of money there. Service was just “over the top”, and with 24/7 working hours it left us with a huge loss.
We are still working on finding the right price-performance balance.

Hofer partnership, lack of variety and position: Before I comment on your complaints, I have to say that we are really satisfied with our partnership with Hofer. They have been professionals all the way.
Now… we have no influence whatsoever on the variety of products stocked. Their company policy does not allow one shop to have different products than other Hofer shops. In short, it is impossible to add new products to their standard range.

I know many complained about Mercator last year but in my opinion it was much better. It had much more variety than Hofer, and it was INSIDE the camp area, that made it extremely comfortable: Mercator lost money last year… don't ask me how. And they were not interested in putting another shop in our campsite. Putting a tent into the campsite with Hofer being so close to the main entrance made no sense to any of us.

Monster being too expensive and only available at the venue: To explain that I would have to make our deal with monster public. I simply cannot do that.

10. Stefan Tschernutter via
I will post this one whole…
well, what can one say – for the 10th time I was in Tolmin, I guess that alone is proof how much I love Metaldays. And I already got Earliest Bird Tickets for 2016. Therefore: I love you all! That had to be said now... ;)
All in all MetalDays 2015 was near to perfect (just 3 very, very minor issues for me). Here is some feedback for Boban and the crew:
+ Stages: As always both stages were perfect. Good, very clean sound, just right volume (not too loud, not too silent). Main Stage area is one of the best of its kind anyway - I personally never saw a better one on any festival. Second Stage is also very cool, especially during hot daylight - the shadows of the trees are so important - all afternoon bands should wish to play on Second Stage ;)
+ Toilets (campground as well as stage/beach area): Seriously man, I never saw toilets as clean as those on any festival of that size. That was an awesome job – clean, sufficient numbers, always paper inside, as good as no damage at locks etc.
+ Campground: The campground seemed impossibly clean to me, especially compared to other festivals. Therefore I also think that visitors should get a big applause – they kept their areas clean, at least most of them. I love it! But: Is it me or is campground space getting smaller and smaller? Arrived on Wednesday and hat difficulties finding a place – lucky there were only two of us, for a bigger group we would have had a problem. On the other hand: In my opinion you did well organizing the "reserved camping area" which was a little oversized and undercrowded last year. Btw.: There were enough lights on campgrounds this year! Now, that's an improvement! Nice work!
+ Security: Last year I wasn't so sure about the security guys. This year they were awesome. Friendly, informed, always helpful. That's the way it should be!
+ Hell's Kitchen (quality): As always: Perfect food. Same goes for the other food providers. Excellent.
+ Hell's Kitchen (quantity): What happened to the Hell's Kitchen near the graveyard? I think that was a good idea – even if it took away camping space that really seemed to be needed. Anyway, I would appreciate a second Hell's Kitchen-tent on campgrounds. Alone to buy crashed ice. That there was no more Mercator-tent was ok, I didn't miss it much (anyway Mercator is just better than Hofer, but that's a matter of personal taste).
we lost lot of money with that hells kitchen. we are figuring out how to make it possible and profitable for next year.

+ Drinks (quality): Beer, beer, beer – what else matters to the Metalhead? Well… Sometimes drinking water. Support with free water was great, just didn't see if there was a water station near main stage. Anyway: Thumbs up! Just one little wish (I think I wrote you about that per email once, Boban): Please, please bring Cider as a drink to the Festival. That would be greatly appreciated (not only by my girlfriend).
+ Drinks (quantity): Yeah, MetalDays sell extremely delicious beer (and, more important: never runs out of it!). But why only small cups outside main stage area? That was a little fail in my opinion. I loved to drink 0,5 l of beer down at the beach or gazing at Second Stage-Bands. Maybe you could bring them back?
this happened out of accident. we planed for 2015 to have usual plastic coups replaced with organic ones that are bio degradable. short before festival start we realised that organic coups are measured in pints, not in dcl and this is not allowed in slovenia. so we needed to switch back to plastic ones but our brewery had only so manny 0,5L and we had to balance it with 0,3L. this is the story…
+ Wristbands: The only serious (haha! – wasn't serious at all) issue I had at this year's festival was finding the place where to get my wristband. Box office sounds obvious –
but it wasn't the years before. I automatically went to the place the old "checkpoint" used to be (in the woods), just to be sent back all around. Just to mention that: I got all the way to the information desk without having my wristband (or rather the lack of it) checked.
we did not change positions of wristband and box office. and we do not check wristbands in camp since no one can enter the camp area without ticket.
So that's it now. No more issues, just lots of positive memories of an unforgettable festival. Keep up the good work and be assured: We all love MetalDays. We'll be back.
Best regards from Austria
Thank you Steve for your kind words.

11. Boris Nikolić via
First of all I would like to thank organisers for making a great festival! This is my second time i'm here and both were the best festival experience of my life.
The only major complaint I have is about the beach bar on festival area. Last year it was so much better, at least at evening times. This year the music and atmosphere sucked. I remember last year when it would fill up after the major concerts would finish. It was crawling with people with everybody shouting and DJ would animate and communicate with the crowd and play well known metal music. This year it was much worse. And the sound was bad, the tent was kinda small and there were these badly placed speakers on stage that would obstruct vision and you coudn't see DJ or strippers.
Too bad about that because beach bar was my favorite rallying point every evening and the show would go on until 6 or 7 o'clock in the morning :). I would also spend all my money on that over-priced beer and wouldn't care :)
You forget the fact that we had a whole week at around 38 degrees, and both stages were running longer than in previous years. A lot longer.
Most people were just done after the stages closed.
As for the Djs, I can't say much since I do not party until the morning. I have to believe you on this.
The tent is also an interesting story. A few days before the festival started, someone reported us to the environment commission, and they made us tear down the tent that we usually have at the beach. The whole thing was unpleasant and we ended up with the last-minute solution, which was as you saw.

12. Dule Piroman via complained abut parking stickers being replaced with parking cards:
This is a tricky issue. Some of you like stickers. They are a nice souvenir… but… most of you complained about sticking them to the car window. This makes our work harder and since we respect the wishes of the majority we decided to replace them with cards. I know some of you are disappointed.

Cars parked in camping only area: This should not have happened and we will work on a system that allows you to come to the camping area with your car just for unloading.

13. Greg Whooper via complained about drink supplies at the bars and cocktail prices:
At an event this big, it sometimes happens that some drink supplies run short. Mostly, this is for just for a short period of time.

Sound quality on 2nd stage: Most, and I do mean most, bands have their own sound guy. And even if our sound guy is mixing some smaller bands, you have to realise that there is not much time for changing over and our sound guy does not know their music. Such is the life of small bands.

And last, I wanted to let you know about something I thing is not acceptable. On Wednesday during the Pugnent Stech show on the second stage, a friend of mine was taken apart and got hit and beaten by a security guard for absolutely no reason. My friend couldn't even argue with the guard as he didn't speak English. This kind of thing should not happen of a professional festival such as Metaldays: I can hardly believe this. Our security guys are there for your protection, not to beat someone for no reason. Anyway, I was not there and cannot know what happened. I will certainly talk to the guys.I also encourage you all to go to the info point and complain if such events occur.

It’s a real pity that all the improvements and good things in 2014 edition disappeared this year. I am going to metaldays 2016 anyway, but if there are no improvements, I think it will be my last one: I know we improved on a lot of different things that visitors complained about in 2014. It would be really good if you would let us know which improvements disappeared, and also what improvements you are expecting from us. From what you wrote, I cannnot see what you want, and that does not help us to make this festival a better place.

14. Pauline Mizon via said:
there was not enough showers and toilets for all the campers (talking about the paying ones). Last year you put more toilets and it was for the best. I don't talk about how dirty it was, it's the campers fault and it's hard to teach so many people how to be clean. But why not put some free shower bracelets for people who cleans other's mess daily. Or put plastic gloves at the entrance to catch the hair stuck in the shower. Just giving ideas…
I cannot go with you on this. We had one shower/toilet block more than last year. It was positioned not far away from the main entrance at Pod Barged Street.
Also, toilets…we did not have fewer toilets than last year.
As for the gloves… good idea.

I wondered why you reduced the bars on the festival ? And why so few people behind them? No bar reductions. We had as many bars as always.
As for the bar crew, we have a partner that does bars. I asked about this and the answer I got was that we had enough people to run the festival.

Talking about the beach bar, I think the strip shows are more porn shows than anything: I personally agree with you, but our survey after the festival shows us that visitors like that. This is the reason we keep doing it.
Like you, I would like to see some change there.

Party means drunk people, and I don't know how we can be drunk with cocktails with so much ice. You already increased the prices since last year, why putting so much ice ? It's like we're drinking water ! And I'm not sure you lose money with it, the ingredients are not that expensive. I felt a bit like a tourist who you are stealing money from. And that's not cool for a festival like yours, you seem to grow like these motherfucking factories festivals as Graspop or Wacken. Don't be greedy, we're not animals you can suck the blood from: Although you are the only one that complained about that, I will talk to our partner that runs the bars.

15. Steiner Florian via said:
I know that it is hard to get good personnel and stuff, but i was at MD for 8 Days and my Wristband was controlled just twice!
It is not possible to enter the festival without a valid ticket, and therefore we are not so strict on checking wristbands.
This does not mean that we provide poorer security. It is just that you do not see the positions that we do control and that are important for us.
I saw people smoking weed everywhere around the whole festival and camp area. Not one off the securities said anything if one of the drunken guests just pissed/shitted 10cm beneath a normal path or at the back of the Stage-area. We have over 100 police officers at the festival. They are dressed like civilians and they, not our security staff, are responsible for monitoring drugs and other prohibited things. And as for the people shitting all over the place… their parents failed already. We do what we can.

And to top it off: I saw that one guy brought a bengal firework (or something similar) to the show of Eluveitie and pulled it off at the start of "Inis Mona"!!!!! Around him there where thousands of people !!! If someone would get hurt but such bullshit i would never ever attend such a festival again. Stupid as it is, this guy was one of our workers. We sent him home. I agree… this is as stupid as it gets, but again, as with shitters, his parents failed and we do not look into everyone's bag.

16. superviking via the MetalDays forum says:
The garbage bag system when you get your wristband. They took 10 EUR from my paycard for the garbage bag!!! I don’t think it would be too difficult to have clear rules / an info board written with black-on-white or something at the wristband point to clear this out:
- If you’re camping, we charge a 10 EUR DEPOSIT for garbage bag.
- If you’re not camping, we need evidence for that (hotel room key, apartment receipt etc.).We do provide such information. Everybody gets a leaflet with information about the garbage deposit and paycard system. It is also written on rules have been the same for years.

Prices have almost doubled. It was 3 EUR for 0,3 liters of beer this year. You used to get 0,5 liters for that price. We used to sell 0,4L for 3,5€: You can read my comments on beer pricee if you scroll up.

There used to be a "bar" at the beach bar with a roof and tables and chairs. I heard that a flood destroyed it. Any chance of getting a new one? No. It is prohibited to put such an structure there. That area is protected by the nature protection committee.

Selection of non-alcoholic drinks. I don’t drink (I quit years ago) so I had to drink “water with taste”, ice tea or energy drinks all the time. 0,5 liter bottles of sparkling water would be great and most of all I would love to have non-alcoholic beer (something that tastes good but has no sugar or alcohol): Good suggestion. Thank you.

17. Eruanne via the MetalDays forum has lot to say :)
You have to do something about the warm showers. I went to take one somewhere on Wednesday in the afternoon, not really in a »rush hour« and there wasn't any warm water. This is happening year after year:
I have been hearing this for a few years, and this year we added a 2nd hot shower point in the campsite. We cooperate with a company from Tolmin that provided us with an eco hot water system and, except for very few complaints, we received almost entirely positive feedback on it. So, I don't know what to think about this. Maybe you should write to He is the one that is in charge of our festival infrastructure and maybe he can say more about this. When I asked him, he replied, “warm water is running all the time”.

High sinks in camping area B. What was that about? I'm a short girl so I always had to fight for the one that had 2 palettes so I could reach it: One never learns. Still, now we know for next year.

Early start of main stage bands. You might say that other festivals start earlier but this is marketed as a metal holiday rather than a straight festival: Well, although MetalDays is a metal holiday it is still a metal festival and most people are there because of the bands. If we put 70 bands on the line up instead of 100, the next thing I'll read will be “You f…s !!! You book fewer bands every year, but the ticket price stays the same.” :)

Ne Obliviscaris sound problems. Not sure whose fault that was but very not cool. I hope they can come back. And also have a better time slot: Their sound guy messed everything up. …and they were headliners that day. There is no better slot.

Parking signs. This year I had to park here for the first time. Maybe I had just a blond moment and didn't see the signs but I arrived on Monday and had to drive through the camp ground at the cemetery to get to the parking only area. Later I was told that you could drive pass Hofer to get directly there. Was there a sign somewhere I didn't see?: There was a sign. You missed it.

There was also no real path through the camping area B. You had to stumble around tents to get to the nearest fence opening/gate when you were going from the warm showers to camp&park area. Why do you allow such unorganised camping all over the place?: It is a holiday. We like it natural ;)

So many security this year! O_o Or volunteers with the jackets standing around. Not that I mind but compared to last years it was almost bizarre: I remember a time when people complained that we have too few security guards… and I learned that, no matter how hard you try, you will never please everyone.

And in the end a big thank you and shout out to one of the Slovenian volunteers working at the box office on Monday who helped me carrying stuff to the camp ground. Because life is too short to make two trips, haha. He was very sweet and I was quite happy to get some help. Probably he's not reading this but the young man deservers a big thank you. Also his parents for teaching him some manners: Did you kiss him?

18. Wombat via the MetalDays forum says to change the safety deposit from the plastic bag thing to real lockers. It's much more convenient:
Containers with real professional lockers cost way too much money. There is no company in this region that rents such a thing. Renting out from Germany makes no financial sense.
No matter what ours looks like, it does do the job :)

The way Moonspell's change was done was absolute crap. Good communication, coz it was very clear and fast but sticking all on Second Stage was a terrible decision: Pungent Stench at the same time as CC (when they both play the same style), Hirax at 3am and the MS empty during 2hours.... Come on, maybe there were logistical limitations but putting PS or Hirax during Moonspell's slot on MS would have been the logical thing to do: No it would not. What we did was the only possible solution and therefore only logical one.

Might be an unpopular thing to say, but maybe removing a few of the smaller bands (yes, those that play in front of an empty audience or have 5 fans that happen to be friends of the members, and let's be honest, almost no one gives a f about and some are downright atrocious) would be useful to compress less the schedule and avoid clashes: Although early slots are not well attended, they are very important for newcomers. Those bands get a whole year of promotion with established bands - they are on posters, T-shirts etc… it helps them to build their fan bases.We are aware how important newcomers are and this is why we do this… and will keep doing it.

19. 15kol via the MetalDays forum says the second beach could use some music: luckily there were some good guys these year, that drove their monster radio to the beach and played music there (good music, i must say):
We do not agree. The 2nd beach is a spot where you people can have some peace away from the noise which we have enough of in a week of MetalDays.

Also how come that I heard ambulance at least 10 times a day? Was heat the problem?: Not the heat…we cooperated this year with Tolmin hospital for the first time since 2009, and they were little too much “by the book”, if you know what I mean.
It will be better next year :)

20. Last but not least…there are rumours cruising around, that there have been 3 suicide attempts at the festival. The truth is, there has been one attempt and luckily our security team was fast enough, to save this boy’s life. We respect family’s wish to keep all the details confident.
Another rumour, that you’ve probably heard of, is rape attempt. Investigation is still ongoing and until now, we do not have official statement by Slovenian police and therefor we can not comment anything about this topic. As soon as we have an official statement from Slovenian police, we will post it.
Anyway, we have decided, regardless wether this being true or not, to dedicate one part of the camping area, for female visitors, that will visit our festival alone and are staying at the festival without any friends, only. This part of camping area will be the one closest to the main stage area, additionally protected and sufficiently bright also during the night.

Tickets & more Line up & running order