Free festival Bus & Travel info

Free festival Bus & Travel info

For the easiest and most convenient booking of means of transport and your accommodation for Winter Days of Metal 2019 festival, check GigGoMe!

Getting to Bohinjska Bistrica... bus


There will be a free WDoM 2019 bus ride organised from Ljubljana and Kranj to Bohinjska Bistrica and back, every festival day.
Reserve your seat below!

- Departure from Ljubljana and Kranj to WDoM 2019, every day from 28.-30.11.2019 following the schedule:

Departure Ljubljana, Dolgi most (P+R) : 15:20
Departure Kranj, Mercator Primskovo parking : 16:00
- Departure from WDoM 2019, every day from 28.-30.11.2019 after the WDoM Afterparty:
Dvorana Danica parking : 03:00.
IMPORTANT: Please be there in time and be mindful of the schedule, the bus will wait for no one, not even those who reserved their seats in advance. You will be able to recognize the bus by Winter Days of Metal logo at the front.


In case you want to use the regular bus line earlier, here is a regular bus line from Ljubljana to Bohinjska Bistrica, departing from Ljubljana Bus station, driving via Bled to Bohinj Zlatorog/Ukanc. This bus will pass thru Bohinjska Bistrica on its route. Driving time with the bus from Ljubljana to Bohinjska Bistrica is about 1 hour and 35 minutes. 


More info and booking :


Bookings for bus tickets from Ljubljana:


Phone: 1991 (the number is available only for calls placed from within Slovenian phone networks).

You can reach Bohinjska Bistrica by the A2/E61 highway that connects Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Villach (Austria). From the highway exit there is about 24 km to Bohinjska Bistrica; just follow the signs towards Bled town and then continue around Lake Bled from where you follow the road in direction Bohinjska Bistrica (Bohinj).

Before going on a trip, please check the latest traffic conditions :

Road tax vignettes

Road tax vignettes must be purchased for the use of Slovenian motorways, including the Ljubljana bypass. The roads where the vignette is required are marked by special vignette signs. Vignettes can be purchased at petrol stations located in the border areas of Slovenia's neighbouring countries, at petrol stations, post offices and most newspaper kiosks in Slovenia, and at branch offices of the Automobile Association of Slovenia (AMZS) and other automobile clubs. train

You can get to Bohinjska Bistrica by train, from Ljubljana to Jesenice and then from Jesenice to Bohinjska Bistrica and from Nova Gorica. The closest train station is the one is Bohinjska Bistrica. From the train station you can easily walk towards the venue, Dvorana Danica. It is aprox.10 minutes walk.

Information on train schedules:

Slovenian Railways

call centre T:080 81 11 (indicative call price; €0.75; the price depends on the phone network you are calling from)

Answering service (information on train timetables from Ljubljana) T: +386 90 93 9801




...from the Ljubljana Airport

Unfortunately there is neither train nor bus connection from Ljubljana airport to Bohinjska Bistrica, so you will have to take the airport bus to Ljubljana or Kranj and change a bus there. You can also catch the free bus ride in Ljubljana or Kranj, going directly to the festival area.


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