November‘s announcement!

Dear friends,

Waiting is over! We are happy to announce final additions to the Winter Days of Metal 2018 line-up.

Our biggest surprise is the band, whose main goal is to play music that creates an all for one, one for all environment where everyone is encouraged to participate, sing along, and hopefully have a good time. They are doing just that since 1996! Dropkick Murphys! They are not exclusively in the metal genre, but they are more than an amazing addition to our festival lineup, which is all about winter and fun! They say, that in the true spirit of punk rock we view the band and the audience as one in the same; in other words their stage and their microphone are yours. Will you dare to try?



Second surprise - AHAB will be joining us on our WDoM 2018 stage as well. Somewhere between "a heavy monolith," or "a slow-moving lava flow," there is a band that is celebrating a decade in doom and melancholy. Do not miss them!

From the Realms of the Far North, an Army of six Icelanders rushes towards Battle! Skálmöld!!! Because who would be better suited for telling stories of the Vikings but the Vikings themselves? Join them in the battle!!

And this is not even it! How about The oldest Chinese black / death metal? Legend has it, at the beginning of the millennium the arch dark lords of Chinese black metal rose out of the chaos in midst of all the formless mess of punks, rockers, metal wannabes ... By unleashing their spells and performing the rites they divided the true divine
darkness from meaningless struggle for spotlight glamour. They saw it was good and they called it Ritual Day. Get ready for a serious dose of Chinese metal!

And last, but not least : THE ENDEZZMA !! the world known as death!! Are you not sure about it? Well, there is only one way to find out!

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