Your band at WDoM?

????Your band at Winter Days of Metal and MetalDays?


We are getting a massive amount of e-mails with the same question; "How can we get a slot on Winter days of Metal?"
Easy as it gets. Our New Forces project may help you to get a slot on our festivals and beyond.
Follow these steps:
1. Apply by filling in this online application form:
2. At least one of your band members has to buy festival ticket and attend Winter Days of Metal.
3. He/she has to fill in the application form at the info point and leave your CD.
4. The online application and the ticket order have to be done from same e-mail address.

We will listen all your CD`s and will choose 9 bands for the upcoming Winter Days of Metal edition.

If you decide to sell tickets for Winter Days of Metal (it is NOT mandatory) you will get a chance to win even more. The band that sells most tickets will get the main stage slot at the upcoming Metaldays festival, 2nd and 3rd seller gets the slot at 2nd stage at the upcoming Metaldays festival.

We are also cooperating with Bloodstock’s Metal to the Masses project, so with a bit of luck you can win a slot at the upcoming Bloodstock festival.

If you are serious about your band, this is your chance to present yourself to a larger audience and not only that; you will get a massive promotion together with some of the biggest names in Metal music.

We did our best, now it´s your turn!



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